Brake lights for Bicycles


The brake light function for bicycles – how it works

This rear brake light is a great feature for all cycles that use dynamos to power supply the lighting system.

As a matter of course motorised vehicles signal a brake application to following traffic participants with a red, brightly shining light. Such a “brake light function” is now available for bicycles as well. – The new BrakeTec technology is integrated into the rear light. However, no connection to the brakes has to be established. Simply exchange the existing rear light for a BrakeTec rear light. The new function is approved by German road traffic regulations.


This is how it works – provided that the lighting system (dynamo) is turned on: A processor inside the rear light analyses signals from the dynamo. If the velocity decreases significantly, the processor registers deceleration and the rear light pulsates very brightly. – The warning function of BrakeTec harmonises ideally in connection with LineTec – so that a wide strip lights up. BrakeTec is an innovation by Busch & Müller.


BrakeTec works only when the rear light is connected to a headlight whose rear light contacts supply alternating current. This applies to all N and senso headlights from Busch & Müller as well as the new LUXOS.


The following models are available in a BrakeTec version:

Toplight Line

Toplight View