Sensor function

If a LUMOTEC headlight has the suffix “senso”, it activates automatically when cycling during dusk or darkness and switches off when subjected to daylight. Continuous energy supply by a hub dynamo is required for this function. In order for the headlight to not mistakenly react to car headlights, the sensor functions with a time delay. In headlights equipped with daytime running light, the sensor automatically switches  between day and night mode


Headlights equipped with DRL (Day Ride Light) and sensor will switch between Day mode and Night mode through use of this sensor.


Battery and rechargeable headlights equipped with a sensor use this to detect motion and daylight. If in motion, and daylight is absent, the light will switch on. If the Bike is not in motion for more than 2 mins, or if it is daylight, the light will switch off / remain off.