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Information concerning service

In the unfortunate circumstance that you should discover a fault in one of our products, the specialist retailer from whom you bought the product should be your first port of call. It is with this retailer that you have a contract of purchase and the implied warranty regulated under national law is valid together with this purchase. Report the fault to your retailer and they should take the necessary measures to correct it. In some cases the dealer will find it necessary to contact us on your behalf.

Recently we have been hearing increasing reports of some retailers - more often than not online shops that attract sales through budget pricing - refusing to fulfil their obligation to provide this service that their client is entitled to. The client may possibly be told they need to contact us directly.

We of course understand that you may be in need of this help and service, and should the situation described above apply to you please feel free to contact us directly with details of the communication that took place with the retailer in question. We will then be in a better position to offer our assistance in exceptional cases.

You can reach us by Telephone under: +49 (0)2354/915-7111