Cache battery for E-WERK

Constantly supplies 5 V – the standard voltage for charging via USB connection.

  • 1400 mAh capacity
  • With nylon bag
  • Weighs approx 180 g 
  • Measurements 80 x 40 x 40 mm

Some sensitive mobile electronic devices react to voltage fluctuations by interrupting the charging process. Since the E-WERK is connected to a hub dynamo, it cannot supply power free of those kinds of fluctuations. The cache battery harmonises the voltage and prevents charging interruptions.

It is possible to charge the cache battery by an external charger, part.-No. 447/3 (loading is only possible by adjusting 0,9A). Please note that 1,8 A will damage the cache battery. You need an additional adaptercable (part.-No. 461A/447/3-1).

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E-WERK (left) with cache battery (right) on a bycicle