LUMOTEC IQ Cyo T in action
Beam Pattern Cyo RT - 40 Lux
Premium Beam Pattern - 80 Lux


For bicycles – less conspicuous in traffic by nature – daytime running light is a substantial advantage. LICHT24, the daytime running light from Busch & Müller, is the ideal solution. Additional signaling LEDs shine upwards and generate maximum visibility. The “regular” riding light is focused on the road and limited by its clearly defined light/dark boundary to prevent glaring oncoming traffic.


When a headlight with LICHT24 is switched on, it shines always – during day and night. LICHT24 has a day mode and a night mode. As soon as the integrated sensor is activated, it switches automatically between both modes.


LICHT24 is approved by German road traffic regulations. The day mode may also be used at night because the main LED is always active. In headlights equipped with daytime running light, the sensor automatically switches between day and night mode.


Premium Models of this headlight have an extremely wide beam pattern and up to 80 Lux output.


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  • Art. 474D

  • Art. 475D

  • Art. 471A

geeignet für SUNTOUR-Gabeln (CR8 und NEX)

  • Art. 471AR

geeignet für RST-Gabeln

  • Art. 471LH

besonders geeignet für Fahrräder mit "BIG-APPLE"-Bereifung

  • Art. 471AX

geeignet für SUNTOUR-Gabeln (CR9 und NCX ab 2009)

Variante 175QTSNDI ohne Rückstrahler