Eyc - The small, bright one
Eyc with clipped on reflector
Rear view Eyc
Beam Pattern 50 Lux

This Tiny Might packs a punch.

Hard to believe that this tiny light can be so bright. The IQ2 - Optics of this light, combined with a high power LED, provide a respectable 50 lux output with an impressively even beam on the roadway. Very good close range light is the icing on the cake.

Day Ride Light LICHT24 is available in the upgrade model.

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My LUMOTEC IQ2 Eyc doesn't always seem to work properly. Is it a malfunction or is something else wrong?

Please ensure that the light is connected to the dynamo by a twin (duplex) cable directly, and not via the bike frame as an earthing body. If the light is connected to a rear light, make sure that the rear light is not earthed to the frame through the attachment bolt. If so, isolate/insulate this connection around the fixing bolts.