LUMOTEC IQ2 Eyc for E-Bikes

This E-bike Head light can be ordered through your specialist dealer. Since there are a large number of varying E-bike systems on the market, we advise you to to seek the advice of a specialist dealer to inform you about which Head light suits your requirements. It is best if a specialist retailer fits the light for you.



Part N° 160R42/6-04

  • Input Voltage range: 6-42 V DC
  • IQ2-Optics: 50 Lux, Close Range Light
  • Without switch (always on, or switchable through E-bike console)
  • Rear light connecting wires 6V DC
  • Clip on Reflector
  • MSRP € 69,90


Part N° 160/42TS04991

With Day Ride Light (DRL) & sensor - without Rear light connecting wires.