USB-WERK top view
parts included USB-WERK

Dynamo supplies USB energy

The USB-WERK supplies 5 V and up to 500mA current. An integrated small cache
battery ensures a constant voltage supply during slow riding and/or stops. For these reasons, the USB-WERK is a perfect fit for charging/powering USB devices of any kind: mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player etc.
Contains cable with USB socket.

In order to fully charge the internal cache battery, we advise that the USB-WERK be supplied by a dynamo in motion on a bicycle ridden at an average speed over 15kmh for 20 minutes. No device should be attached, and any light connected should be switched off during this charging phase.

The USB-WERK will not perform as a mains charging device, and for devices requiring higher current than the USB-WERK can supply it will only suffice to slow the rate of discharging.